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There are situations where you may not even be aware that you have lost wages you should be receiving as an oilfield worker. This is why our Houston lawyers’ priority is to ensure you are aware of your rights and are not being taken advantage of by your employer.

Whether your company is intentionally avoiding paying you what you are entitled to or they have simply made a mistake, we can help. At Wyly & Cook, PLLC, we are here to help you determine whether your employer has committed a violation and explore your options.

A few of the ways that you can be taken advantage of by your employer include:

  • Travel time or off the clock work: Many employers fail to pay you for time that is not spent on the job-site, such as travel time or time spent in meetings. We can ensure you are paid for these payable hours.
  • Overtime hours: If you believe your employer has taken advantage of you and has not paid you for the overtime you have worked, we can help. You should receive all of the funds you have earned.
  • Misclassified employees: There are certain times where your employer may misclassify you (intentionally or not), leading to you being wrongfully exempt from benefits.
  • Being paid a day rate
  • Per diem: When this is used to lower wages or to reduce over time

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You can rely on our oilfield wage lawyers in Houston to provide you with the committed representation you need on your side. We are dedicated to protecting your rights and working with you every step of the way to file a claim against your employer. Our firm has earned the Client’s Choice Award by Avvo and we have been included in the list of Texas Super Lawyers® Rising Stars™ for the quality of our work.

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